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Distribution to Travelers

We can hand your product over along with their air ticket directly to departing passengers.。

At the time of check-in at the airport we can get your product directly into the hands of travelers heading for both international and domestic locations. Along with their ticket we can hand over surveys, booklets, leaflets, pamphlets and product samples.

It is a very effective way to promote those products and services that travelers will be using at their destination.
At present 94% of all international travel is done by repeat travelers. It is possible to target the desires of these travelers who may be thinking, "Where do I want to go on my next trip?"
It is possible to narrow the promotion down to your exact market target according to such factors as sender, age, travel destination etc
When you compare with the cost of direct mail campaigns (postcards etc) it is possible to do a distribution promotion for a very low cost.
  • Location of Distribution

    • We can hand your product over directly to the traveler at the time of check-in at Kansai International Airport and at our main place of distribution, Narita Airport. Please check the maps on pages 1 and 2 for more a detailed picture as to the exact location of the counters in the airports. The distribution counters vary according to volume.
  • Distribution Amount and Period

    • It is possible to distribute samples and other items to as many as
      150,000 to 250,000 travelers per month, and 1,800,000 to 3,000,000 annually.
      Also we are also able to carry out limited distributions specified by gender, age etc
      For more detailed information contact Riverfield directly.
  • Distribution Rates and Size Standards

    • Number of travelers Rate Fee per person
    • 50,000travelers 1,750,000 yen @35 yen per person
      100,000travelers 3,400,000 yen @34 yen per person
      200,000travelers 6,400,000 yen @32 yen per person
    • The shipping fee to transport items to be distributed to the designated holding area at the airport is charged separately.
      In the case the client wishes to target travelers by destination,age, gender or other such specific factors there will be a per person 2 yen surcharge added to the total rate.
      Tax is not included.
  • Standard Size

    • Flyers : A4 size, in four folds
      Product samples : Up to the size of a standard cigarette box
    • Please contact Riverfield directly in the case of samples or other items which may be larger than the above-listed sizes.
      According to legal restrictions there are some samples which we are unable to pass out. Should you have any concerns
      regarding this please contact Riverfield directly for more information.
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Distribution to Travelers

Distribution to Travelers

Distribution to Travelers

Riverfield is ready to assist you with your communications needs. For information about advertising in Via and Eye-Ai, please contact us at any of the points below. We look forward to serving you.

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