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Directly Approach People with High Purchasing Power

Directly Reach Travelers with High Purchasing Power

Via magazine has been traveling on the Airport Limousine bus since the opening of Narita Airport! Clients from all business sectors can directly approach potential customers with messages about their products and services.

Added to that, Riverfield now offers opportunities to place those samples and promotions directly into the hands of travelers.

Airport Promotion Campaigns target a very specific market of travelers going to destinations both domestic and international. These individuals have high purchasing power and take advantage of the special offers presented to them to effect in excellent results for your company.

Airport Promotion

  • Distribution to Travelers

    Direct Distribution Placing Your Product in the Hand of the Traveler Along with their Air Ticket

  • Ticket Holder

    Advertise on the Air Ticket Holder

    domestic utility model

  • Flight Safety Bag

    Flight Safety Pack For convenient carry on of liquids

    domestic utility model

  • Exective Channel

    Broadcasting promotion at Narita airport and Kansai international airportpdf